Sunday Workshops

Workshop 1: Dr. Fiona Moir


Enhancing wellbeing by tackling burnouts

We hear about ‘work-life balance, self-care and resilience-building’ and wonder how we are meant to achieve that whilst working in an overloaded system. The evidence is clear that the way we look after ourselves affects the way we look after others. But what are the factors that promote wellbeing in the workplace, and what can we do about them? This talk will focus on the small steps you can take to care for yourself and for those around you. It will ask you to consider how you prioritise your own wellbeing and will give you some ideas about how to enhance it. It can be challenging to focus on ourselves; however it is possible to succeed by driving yourself with kindness instead of criticism, and to adopt strategies that can help you adopt a happier and healthier approach to life.


Workshop 2: TBD

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Workshop 3: Dr. Anna Friis


Kindness Matters: Caring for the Carer

Mindfulness and self-compassion are increasingly recognised as protective against the negative effects of chronic stress, with a large body of scientific studies attesting to the health benefits of these mind-body practises. Not only do these trainings increase emotional resilience and provide a buffer against burn-out and care-giver fatigue, they are linked to numerous positive measures of wellbeing. Mindfulness and self-compassion are skills that can be learned by anyone, bringing a greater sense of ease and happiness, and enabling one to ”breath underwater” when life is difficult. Blending scientific evidence with real world examples, participants can expect a lively mix of the latest research and experience practical tools for bringing self-compassion into daily life.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • What self compassion is – and what it isn’t
  • A brief review of the evidence for the mental and physical health effects of mindful self-compassion
  • How to help protect yourself against empathy fatigue and burn-out
  • Simple tools and practises for everyday life and work
  • Get first hand practise and experience of what it’s like to be more mindful and self-compassionate

Workshop 4: Dr. James Kirby


What are the fears of compassion and how to work with them

James will discuss how our fears about compassion may interfere with the capacity to care for both others and ourselves.  As he notes, many see compassion it as soft, weak or indulgent. Some will see compassion as “letting people off the hook” for the bad things they have done, and others will see ‘tough love’ as an important strategy to help with setbacks and disappointments.  Implications for clinical practice are discussed.