All prices are in New Zealand dollars and include Goods and Services Tax of 15%.

Please note that student registrations are limited and intended for full time students (rather than employed persons that are also students).  Registering as a student may take a slot from another potential attendee and is discouraged.  Proof of full time student status may be requested. 

Conference Registration feePrice
Early bird - Standard full registration$300.00Available until 7 March, 2021
Early bird - Student full registration$50.00Available until 7 March, 2021
Standard full registration$450.00From 8 March, 2021
Student full registration$75.00From 8 March, 2021
Virtual only registration$200
Student virtual only registration$25
Conference registration includes access to the sessions on Saturday 27 March, plus morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch. Tickets to the workshops on Sunday 28 March are an additional cost and can be purchased at the time of registration.
* Student places are limited, please register to secure registration at the reduced rate.

Note: Persons requesting a change from a full registration (in person attendance) to a virtual registration can email  For budgeting, catering, and on-site management reasons, these requests must have a valid basis and will be processed on a case-by-case basis. 

Workshop Tickets
Standard ticket$150.00
Student ticket$25.00
Workshop tickets include access to a workshop of your choice on Sunday 28 March, plus morning tea. Please note there is limited availability for each workshop, and tickets will be allocated on a first  come first served basis.


Terms & Conditions

The Terms and Conditions contain the rules and restrictions to which each attendee must agree before purchasing any registration(s) to any Event(s).

Each Registration is a contract between:

(A) the Purchaser and any attendee replacing the Purchaser, (where a sale or transfer from the Purchaser has been authorised and is valid) and;

(B) the organisation(s) with the legal and/or contractual rights (i) to sell and/or issue registrations to a Event, and (ii) to grant access the Venue for the purposes of attending the Event, subject to the Registration being valid.

The Conditions set out below contain the rules and restrictions around both the purchase of and use of that Registration.

Registrations processed by Event Services are sold on behalf of the organisation responsible for that event and subject to the conditions applicable to their event.  Registrations sold via Event Services’ websites are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged, without written notification and within the timeframe given in the cancellation and refund policy.

For any Member Registration purchased online at a discounted price, it will be necessary to show the relevant Membership ID at the venue.  By processing their online registrations, attendees agree to the Terms and Conditions listed here.


OPTION 1: Register online and pay online straight away the required Event fees to secure your booking.

OPTION 2: Register online and pay via direct credit, cash or cheque. This option is only available at the discretion of the organising committee

On completed submission of the registration form, an acknowledgement email detailing all items reserved will be forwarded, along with an invoice statement detailing payments made and/or outstanding.

No registration is considered confirmed without full payment of Event fees.

Event Services reserve the right to cancel outstanding registrations and sell the space to others if payment is not received within 7 days of invoice.

In addition to having their registration refused, attendees who have outstanding invoices with The University of Auckland may:

  1. Have their credit rating adversely affected;
  2. Be charged a late payment fee on the unpaid amount once it is past due date;
  3. Be required to pay any costs incurred by The University of Auckland or any other person, (including agents) in the course of recovering the money owed or in exercising any other rights, including, without limitation, commissions, legal costs and expenses, court fees and search fees;
  4. Have their information held and shared with collection agencies and with credit reference agencies, who wish to conduct credit checks on them.
  5. Be refused registration for other Events organised at The University of Auckland.



All Event cancellations and requests for refunds must be made in writing by the purchaser as indicated below.

Requests must be emailed to Telephone requests will not be honoured. When the Event registration fees are inclusive of morning and afternoon teas, lunches and the Event dinner, no discount or refunds are available for attendees who do not wish to attend these events.

Registrations are not fully refundable. In all cases, an administration charges will always be payable. Administration charges vary. Please contact Event Services to establish the applicable charge for your Event.

Full Refunds less an administration charge – More than 90 Days’ Notice:

  • To receive a full refund, Event Services must receive written requests no later than 90 days prior to the first day of the Event.
  • No Refunds – Less than 90 Days’ Notice:
  • Requests for refunds received by Event Services within less than 90 day of the start of the Event will not be eligible for a refund.
  • No refunds – Absentee at the Event:
  • Refunds are not available at any time for absentee attendees.
  • Alternative to cancellation:
  • Registration may be transferred to another person from your organisation. The organising committee must be advised in writing of the change at least 48 hours prior to the Event.

Author Refunds:

  • Authors who have their papers included in the proceedings are not eligible for a refund. Authors may receive a refund if they withdraw their papers before the paper is included in electronic or hardcopy proceedings.
  • Emergency Illness or Death of Registrant or Immediate Family Member:
  • Refunds may be granted if an attendee is unable to attend the Event due to a family death, illness, or other extraordinary circumstance. In such circumstances, Event Services may be contacted by phone or email.
  • Event Services shall not be required to refund any fees or charges paid in addition to the Face Value of the Registration for example, any Handling Fee or postage or courier charges except where required by applicable New Zealand law. No interest or costs will be payable in respect of any monies refunded. Neither Event Services nor the organiser will be liable for any associated costs, expenses or loss (including, without limitation, any indirect and/or consequential loss, such as for travel to the Venue or any accommodation costs).


  • Event Services assumes no responsibility for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in transmission or line failure to this web site.
  • Event Services and/or the organisation responsible for the event reserves the right to change details on this web site at any time.
  • Registration purchases are subject to the above Terms & Conditions of Sale. Please read the conditions carefully. By processing your registration on the web site you are agreeing to be bound by these Terms & Conditions.
  • Admission to a Venue will only be authorised upon presentation of a valid and paid registration.
  • Admission to a Venue will be refused to any person noticeably under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or any behaviour-modifying substance, or to any person behaving, or considered by any Authorised Person likely to behave, violently, harmfully or in a manner contrary to public order and/or safety. Admission will also be refused to any person who attempts to bring any Prohibited Item into a Venue.
  • Event Services nor the organising committee (all members collectively known as ‘the organisers’) of all Events cannot accept any liability for changes in venues, dates and programme if such changes are caused or results from the act, default or omission of any person other than an employee or agent of the organisers.
  • Event Services nor the organising committee (all members collectively known as ‘the organisers’) of all Events cannot accept any liability for death, injury, any loss, cost or expense suffered by any person (including accompanying persons, partner, or attendant caregivers), if such a loss is caused or results from the act, default or omission of any person other than an employee or agent of the organisers. In particular, the organisers cannot accept liability for losses arising from the provision or non-provision of services provided by hotel companies or transport operators. Nor can the organisers accept liability for losses suffered by reason of war including threat of war, riots, civil strife, terrorist activities, natural disasters, weather, fire, flood, drought, disease pandemic, technical, mechanical or electrical breakdown within any premises visited by attendees and/or partners in connection with the Event. The organisers are not able to guarantee that any particular person will appear as a speaker or panellist.


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